Airborne Sensor Design, Fabrication, and Integration

Mirrored Gimbal Assemblies

Southern Research is an established leader in the development of mirrored gimbal assemblies for specialized military applications. These assemblies are ideal platforms for directed energy programs and multi-sensor imaging because they allow multiple sensors to look through a single moving aperture. Our skilled engineers offer extensive experience in developing diverse systems ranging from small fast-scanning systems to larger mirrored systems designed primarily for stabilization of laser and Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) image collection.

Examples of our advanced mirrored gimbal assemblies include:

Stabilized Scan Mirror Assemblies

  • Southern Research has developed a two-axis, stabilized, scanning and pointing mirror assembly with innovative features and capabilities. Two independent single-axis scanners are utilized to provide an active/passive imaging reconnaissance system for the Airborne Stand-off Minefield Detection System (ASTAMIDS). The two, single-axis stabilized mirror assemblies utilize strap-down rate sensors to derive body attitude information for a digital servo controller. Optical encoders provide high-resolution position (18 bit) feedback to the controller. High-efficiency torque motors are used to drive the mirrors. The scan and stabilization functions are fully programmable via a VMEbus interface.
  • Additional features and specifications (PDF document)


The Standoff Precision Identification in 3 Dimensions (SPI-3D) gimbal was developed by Southern Research to support the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) prototype development of a UAV-borne image scanning and stabilization system suitable for high-altitude reconnaissance. Southern Research developed a two-axis gimbal with custom interface electronics to support the special requirements of SPI-3D.

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