Advanced Materials and Structures

Advanced Materials and Structures

Southern Research leverages our comprehensive experience and expertise to provide clients with a diverse range of capabilities in materials characterization and precision testing of materials and structures for industrial, aerospace, and military applications. Our experienced engineers have extensive knowledge of composite materials, material models, mechanics of materials, load application, instrumentation, hydraulic control, manufacturing methods, and test design. Moreover, Southern Research has in-depth expertise in materials behavior, analysis, and evaluation, and our engineering team is supported by highly skilled experimentalist technicians.

We maintain state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment for performing tests on a variety of materials, including composites, ceramics, metals, insulations, and lubricants in a range of applications and conditions that include temperatures ranging from cryogenic to more than 3000°C. Additionally, Southern Research is widely recognized as the leading laboratory in the nation for high-temperature evaluation of advanced materials. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience enable us to work closely with clients in the design and execution of projects that meet their specific needs.

Southern Research offers the following diverse capabilities and areas of expertise:

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